About us

Exalted is a premium brand offering clothing for fitness, sports and leisure activities. We strive to meet the highest demands of our clients and offer high quality and comfortable goods. In the heart of Europe, we design and sell under strict supervision men's and women's clothing and a range of other products that are manufactured by local and international suppliers. The brand is marketed worldwide.

However, Exalted is not just a brand. It is a lifestyle.

Exalted is synonymous with grandeur; it is a never-ending supply of trends, modern designs and uncompromising quality. Every product is approached with great passion and consistency to meet all the points mentioned. All this with the aim of motivating and inspiring all those who want to work towards their better selves. It wants to achieve this under the logo of wings symbolizing Exalted by connecting positive people who want to work on themselves all the time. He creates experiences and stories that stick in people's minds. We believe that by working on oneself daily, both mentally and physically, one can become a better self - a better version of oneself. #Exalted #NeverGonnaStop

We believe that hard work always beats talent.

We believe that one should not compare oneself to anyone.

We believe that one should only have oneself as an opponent and strive every day to be better than yesterday.

We believe that loyalty, decency, empathy and honesty are the strongest values that the community promotes.

"... But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted..."

Who are we?

The Exalted brand (exaltedstore.com) was founded in 2017 in Prague. The goal was to create a completely unique identity. The main purpose of the brand is for everyone who has the desire and motivation to achieve their goals. We accompany him on his journey and motivate him even when he decides to give up. Our mission is to build these habits and connect like-minded people.


Everything we do, we do because we believe in this path. Of course, not everything always ends in success. That's when it's important to learn from any setbacks, get up and move on stronger than ever.


As awareness of the Exalted brand grows so will awareness of the values that the Exalted brand and logo represents.



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